Thermal stress in livestock: IDENA’s solutions

The good weather is coming, and so is the heat! High temperatures, whether or not associated with high humidity, create an imbalance in the animal’s condition known as heat stress. This phenomenon has a strong impact on the performance of livestock farms, and can even, in some cases, increase mortality.

IDENA can help you cope with these temperature changes by offering solutions adapted to combat heat stroke.


EVOSUN, in poultry farming

EVOSUN is a complex of active ingredients with protective, aromatic, aperitive and orexigenic properties that work together to combat heat stress in poultry.

Heat stress in poultry affects the animals in two ways: the modification of the metabolism and the decrease in feed consumption lead to a loss of GMQ. The beneficial actions of EVOSUN limit oxidative stress in poultry.


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TROPIKAL for ruminants

TROPIKAL helps to support the intake and maintain the production of ruminants under heat stress.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected for a specific purpose:

Plant extracts known for their glycogenic, aperitive and antioxidant properties,
Live yeast to support ingestion and improve ruminal comfort.

In dairy production, TROPIKAL ensures better energy recovery from the ration and helps reduce the risk of acidosis by regulating the populations of lactate-producing and lactate-consuming bacteria. In fattening, the use of TROPIKAL supports the growth of the animals and minimises the impact of heat stress on morbidity.


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CALOR PROTECT contains plant extracts, alkaloid actives, flavouring and vitamin C promoting several functional metabolites to prepare sows and pigs for rising temperatures.

The aim is to mitigate the impacts – decreased appetite, hyperventilation and dehydration with losses always occurring at the wrong time:

Dead sows around farrowing time,
Losses of pigs at the end of fattening.

Nearly 30.000 sows consumed CALOR PROTECT in 2020.


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