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IDENA, 25 years of innovation

Idena is a different idea of Animal Nutrition. Created in 1995 by 5 professionals striving for a different conception of the animal industry.

Born in a context of repeated health crises, Idena has established its essentials in the animal nutrition market, has developed them and keeps on improving them after 25 years of presence and experience.

Idena is defined by:

  • Its joint team mindset and customer focus
  • Its respect of the animal
  • Its respect of consumers’ expectations

Respect of consumers’ expectations. Since its early beginnings, Idena has been supported by an independent team. After 25 years, the company is still owned by its employees. This is a will and a guarantee of DYNAMISM, COMMITMENT and CUSTOMER ORIENTATION for all its partners. Our motivation is the passion for our job: Animal Nutrition and Innovation.

Our mission is to market smart additives made of natural active ingredients (premixes and specialties) to replace questionable products that can potentially represent a threat for health or environment and that consumers are now rejecting. Idena has successful faced this challenge and has made of this field its specialty. The company is now a respected expert in that field and has built a solid know-how through various applications (concepts and products), which are included in thousands of tons of feed in France and globally.

In 2001, Idena has built its own manufacturing plant with another very innovative concept when compared to conventional plants in the industry. A safer plant, guaranteeing cross-contamination-free products to the animal production industry, whose process and safety level are inspired by human health drugs manufacturing processes.


Idena has always been international. We now have a presence in more than 40 countries globally and continuously support more than 200 customer partners: feed manufacturers, cooperatives, integrators and dealers.


Working on all 5 continents, the Idena team brings together multilingual individuals, capable of bringing in each territory a specialized expertise and to adapt it to the very specific constraints of its environment.

Growing from 5 initial individuals to now more than 65 employees, Idena’s mindset has not varied: Dynamism, enthusiasm and customer orientation and focus remain our key values. Our success depends on our customer partners’ success: this drives our daily life.

To us, the future of Animal Nutrition is being decided in the consumer’s plate.