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Technical positioning

Our profession as experts in NUTRITION, at the source of specific nutritional standards and programs, associated with the use of our innovative ADDITIVES, allow a better FEED EFFICIENCY, both in ruminants and in monogastrics.


We design our business around three fundamentals: knowledge of nutrition, knowledge of animals and knowledge of farming techniques.

Our know-how, combined  with these areas of knowledge, generates nutritional standards for feed formulation; an essential  link in the expression of performance. These standards are adaptable according to genetics and the objectives sought.

We reinforce this know-how through the use of targeted additives adapted to multiple issues. These additives are created by our research teams.

All our knowledge is at the disposal of our feed manufacturer partners, agri-food chains and distributors, in the form of services or products.

The strength of this  combination of Zootechnics and Additives, is in our desire to optimize animal response and the effectiveness of our products.