IDENA is strengthening its core business and expertise in bioactive compounds with the acquisition of STI biotechnologie, a company specialising in lactic bacteria-based additives.

« We are delighted with this acquisition, which will enable us to strengthen our current solutions and better anticipate the future expectations of the animal industry. These expectations are being increasingly driven by consumers, who are looking for alternative solutions for healthier food, free of chemical or synthetic additives, both in Europe and abroad. »,  said Renaud Domitile, Chairman of the IDENA Group.

After more than 25 years of innovation in the field of additives based on plant bioactive compounds, IDENA expands and strengthens its field of expertise in solutions for animal microbiota and barrier flora management by acquiring the Breton company STI biotechnologie, based in Fougères in Brittany (35) which develops additives based on two exclusive slactobacilli strains.


batiment STI biotechnologie - bretagne STI building in Maen Roch


STI biotechnologie is a leading independent player in the field of biotechnologies derived from lactic bacteria. Founded in 2007, the company develops and implements solutions for animal nutrition, plants, soil, bedding and effluent management in livestock farming as well as silage preservatives.

STI biotechnologie currently employs around ten persons and generates 30% of its turnover from exports. Highly attached to innovation and its solutions’ durability, the company allocates a significant part of its turnover to Research & Development in order to offer the best technical and technological developments to its customers.

STI biotechnologie owns exclusive strains of lactic acid bacteria. A European additive dossier is currently being approved for piglets and poultry. The company masters the fermentation technology and application on a carrier thanks to its new manufacturing facility.



For animal nutrition, the association of bioactive compounds with nutrients resulting from lactic fermentations, acts as Pre and Probiotics for the microbiota of the animals digestive tract.


« A key asset to boost the effectiveness of our current and future solutions», according to Massoud AOUN, Operational Director of the IDENA Group.


STI biotechnologie has been chosen to reinforce our two pillars: environment and animal welfare, via clean, healthy and sustainable agriculture.

For the IDENA Group, in addition to animal nutrition, the acquisition of STI biotechnologie opens up access to new markets: plant nutrition, soil nutrition, effluent management, barrier flora and silage preservatives. These new solutions will quickly be made available to IDENA’s customer partners.

Under the leadership of Christophe TANGUY, STI biotechnologie will remain independent from a commercial stand point. R&D will be pooled with IDENA Group’s resources.



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