The drinking iron for piglets

FORCIX IRON is a feed supplement to prevent iron deficiency anemia in piglets. It is fed as a liquid in a constant daily dose, in a trough, from D3 after farrowing or from the next Monday after farrowing for 5 days.

Firstly, FORCIX IRON encourages piglets to quickly consume the product and leads to better iron absorption. Secondly, FORCIX IRON is an alternative which quickly brings specific trace elements and vitamins that are needed for good piglet development. FORCIX IRON better supports animal welfare.


Produit Forcix Iron Idena


  • Technical : FORCIX IRON prevents iron deficiency anemia in piglets in farrowing houses and contributes to their nutritional balance by providing vitamins and trace elements.
  • Economical : It is fed in the trough in the farrowing house, once a day for the whole litter. It saves a lot of time and limits labor costs.
  • Environmental :It leads to farm waste reduction thanks to its 25L packaging, limiting the use of plastic or glass bottles.
  • Social : The farmer greatly reduces his workload and operating time thanks to less arduous piglets handling in the farrowing house and a significant time saving.

FORCIX IRON has been approved by more than 2700 piglets with hemoglobin levels well above (close to 11 g/dl of blood) the threshold for blood anemia. A reference value found in the scientific literature (Kegley et al. 2002).

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