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Reasonable use of antibiotics

By proposing alternatives, we  keep antibiotics effective…

As the arsenal of antibiotics is not evolving as fast as diseases,  there is a pressing need to preserve its effectiveness. Antimicrobial resistance is present throughout the world and more and more control plans are being implemented in the animal sectors.

Reducing or even stopping  the use of antibiotics in animal feed necessitates offers of alternative solutions.
Idena has 20 years of anticipation of these concerns, to ensure the quality of animal products, the safety of the food chain, the protection of the environment and human health.

Idena’s expertise in the service of reduction of use of antibiotics

Idena has managed to introduce very effective alternative solutions,  set up as programs and targeted according to the sanitary situation in each farm.

Idena defends the principle “WE REDUCE THE RISKS AND THEY TREAT”. Our solutions based on botanical ingredients play an effective role in the reduction of use of antibiotics in controlled breeding situations: antibiotics will only be used to treat clinical cases or degraded livestock situations.