VALI offer – The relevance of an offer with high added value for the fattening period

IDENA continues its development in pig farming. This article demonstrates the consistency and relevance of its complete offer during the fattening phase, for greater profitability and product quality at the end of the chain.



The challenges of the fattening period are multiple. In addition to respecting the fundamentals of the pig’s nutritional needs, IDENA offers a program of nutritional specialties that make it easier for the animal to reach its potential for a better quality finished product.

By adapting each time to the production context, IDENA’s VALI specialties are judiciously positioned in the feed and feeding programs in place for:

– To improve performance of ADG and Index in fattening

– To improve carcass performance (yield, muscle content)

– To improve the technological quality (colour, exudate losses) and preservation of the meat produced (resistance to oxidation)


The logic of Vali: Entering a virtuous cycle of performance by going further than digestion

The expected levels of performance and quality of the finished product no only longer allow the justification of well digested feed! Once the feed is well digested, the animal must process it well! Faced with the dual challenge of economic profitability and satisfying consumer demand, IDENA’s VALI specialties make it possible to:

  • Naturally potentiate the animal’s protein metabolism by taking advantage of a protein synthesis that is much more efficient than lipid synthesis.
  • Limit and naturally regulate the metabolism of assimilation and differentiation of lipids.
  • Support the natural detoxification mechanisms of the animal in production.


Highly significant technical test results

The relevance of IDENA’s Vali references is based on significant trials and scientific developments carried out in recent years. The 4 figures below represent the extraction of the main results observed.


Figure 1: Average performance results obtained for contemporary batches with or without Vali solutions

Test result table - VALI - IDENA


Figure 2: Average results obtained on performance criteria of reference carcasses (Korea University Trial, Seoul, 2018)

Results on pigs carcass performances - IDENA - feed pigs

results en pig carcass performances - pig nutrition - IDENA


Figure 3: Average results obtained on 2 meat quality criteria (measurements on breast 24 hours after slaughter).

Yellow index - pigs nutrition - IDENA

Exudat - pigs nutrition - IDENA


Figure 4: Results of lipid and protein oxidation measurements carried out on belly at expiration date (BBD) (2019)

Progression of oxidation values measured on belly from processing to expiration data (BDD) - pigs nutrition - IDENA



IDENA’s Vali offer is part of a global program to improve the performance and quality of the finished product.

IDENA’s Vali offer is also synonymous with adaptation and modularity. From one single solution to several differentiated solutions, it can be positioned, à la carte, in adapted feed program, according to the production context and the desired outlets.

The entire Idena Swine team is at your disposal for any further information you may require.


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