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Feed Formulation

Feed formulation

la formulation Knowledge of raw materials and feed formulation are the heart of our business. They convey our know-how  to farms and bring our standards, our nutritional balances and our additives.

Our feed formulation specialists are dedicated and attentive to our partners’ markets, in France and abroad. They work in synergy with our nutritionists as well as with all operators  working in feed manufacturing plants: formulators, buyers, production and quality managers, species managers and nutritionists.

They ensure, while respecting the independence of the feed manufacturer:

  • Market surveillance and interest study of new raw materials,
  • Monitoring raw materials and updating formulation matrix,
  • Development of specific nutritional standards. Several international standards are taken into account.
  • Implementation of control plans for the client partners.
  • Formulation, internal or decentralized, in the permanent search for the technical and economic optimum,
  • Auditing of feed-factory circuits within our client partners.


Permanent work to optimize the use of raw materials by animals


Nutritional standards for feed formulation are essential in the expression of farm performance.

Idena develops formulation standards from  its research and field experience.

Specific nutrient ratios are also proposed. Their objectives are to optimize digestion and improve production costs.

These standards are proposed within nutritional programs. They are adaptable according to each farming context, genetics and the environment of each country.