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Multi-species products


IDAFIX … versatility and efficiency


Idafix is ​​a specific blend of organic and inorganic adsorbents, combined with fungus and toxin neutralizers based on essential oils.

The physical structures of the adsorbents, their particle sizes, and their ability to bind several mycotoxins irreversibly, were chosen carefully.

Idafix reduces mycotoxin pressure in feeds and rations, and maintains high levels of production.

Idafix has the ability to interact with polar and nonpolar mycotoxins  and with bacterial toxins in the digestive tract. The strengths of Idafix are:

  • Speed ​​of action,
  • Stable and effective components at different physiological pH,
  • Broad spectrum of mycotoxins (ZEA, DON, Ochratoxin and Aflatoxins),
  • Absence of affinity for other nutrients (vitamins, amino acids and trace minerals),
  • Permanent control of hydrophobicity and CEC.

Idafix is ​​used on all animal species. Ideafix is effective at low doses.

  • Poultry / pigs: 1-2 kg / ton of feed,
  • Large ruminants: 20-40 g / day.
  • Young animals: 2 kg / ton of feed.

The cost allows a good return on investment