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FORCIX SA (Small Animals)

Forcix SA is a product based on specific essential oils, vitamins and minerals, in liquid form, which helps maintain intestinal integrity in young animals and thus optimize the absorption of nutrients, allowing better performance.

Packaging: 1 L box (4 × 250 ml). 5 ml pump supplied with each liter.

NB: For small heifers or suckling calves with their mothers, 5 pressures of 5 ml.


Forcix Feed is a powdered product made from essential oils and plant extracts that helps maintain  intestinal integrity in young animals, helping to optimize the absorption of nutrients, thus enabling better performance.
Forcix Feed is incorporated into the starter-grower feed of young animals.
Minimum duration of use 60 days, or  throughout period of growth (until 6 months of age).



This is a combination of specific botanical extracts with expectorant properties, favoring the good lung function while stimulating immunity.

Aérorum aims to improve respiratory comfort and support ruminants during key periods: first age, management, feed transitions, early winter season.