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Ruminant products

Idena has focused most of its innovations on specific nutritional goals with the use of a specific additive for each target.

The efficiency is thus greater.

By this choice of specific product according to nutritional contexts, Idena customizes and adapts its solutions for a more effective response.


VERTAN … to make the protein more effective

It is a combination of selected microencapsulated essential oils and an exclusive patent Idena core made from plant extracts.

The effectiveness of Vertan is scientifically proven.

Vertan has a specific formulation matrix. It  helps significantly reduce the prices of formulas and TMR while preserving efficiency and performance.

Over 20 years of experience and wider application. VERTAN confirms its interest on the increase of milk production and the protein level in milk.


VALKALOR … for a more efficient conversion of energy

It is an association of botanical extracts and selected phytochemical ingredients.

Several trials in research centers and universities have provided statistical evidence on zootechnical parameters; more milk (up to 2L per cow per day), more fat and more growth in fattening animals.

ValKalor has a formulation matrix that helps to reduce formula costs.


MAXIVAL … to get better profit from fiber

Maxival has been developed for difficult forage situations (low-digestibility forage).

The aim is to make the most of the fibrous fraction of the fodder, with more milk produced



It is an association of plant extracts, essential oils and seaweeds.

It improves feed efficiency and promotes better milk performance; with more milk and more CLA.

Its effectiveness on enteric methane reductions is scientifically proven and has been approved in the field since 2009.

Average results: up to 2L more milk/cow/day, + 50% CLA in the milk, -18% enteric methane.


VIANDI … the fattening specialist

Natural alternative to growth promotors for beef and sheep cattle.
Has been applied for more than 15 years and tested in different farming systems (young cattle, beef cattle and feed lot) and several types of formulation. It is widely used in cattle feed lot and for fattening lambs.
Viandi  provides better zootechnical performances (daily increase up to 300g of DWG, improved FCR). It also  helps improve meat quality (color, texture).

GL PART / MILKOSE … Highly absorbable energy, efficient and instantaneous!

Two different forms of Energy Precursors. High concentrations of active ingredients.
These are rapidly  digestible energy sources to deal with metabolic problems in the peri-partum period.
Milkose and GL Part prevent the risk of ketosis and allow good expression of lactation.
Powder products, for incorporation into feed or for use directly on farms.
Can also be used in goats and dairy ewes.


FORCIX Programme … The special program for YOUNG RUMINANTS

A combination of a liquid product and a powder product in the same program, which contributes to maintain intestinal integrity in young animals and helps to optimize nutrient absorption, thus enabling better performances.

Forcix is ​​a concept composed of 2 products:

  • Forcix SA, liquid product to be applied directly in the mouth of young animals.
  • Forcix Feed, powder to be introduced into starter and grower feed of small ruminants, until 6 months of age.

Can be used in calves, lambs and kids.

See the programs.

AéroRum … so your animals do not run out of AIR

This is a combination of specific botanical extracts with expectorant properties, favoring the good function of lung and immune system.

Aérorum aims to facilitate respiratory comfort and support ruminants during key periods: first age, management, feed transitions, early winter season.