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Organic farming

Products adapted to Organic Agriculture

Since the very beginning, we have been developing a comprehensive range of organic products; Nutrition Expertise, food formulation and supply of minerals and targeted products.

The distinctiveness of organic food specifications requires tailored matrices and formulation standards, adapted to each environment. These ingredients are managed with specific reports to ensure compliant labelling. These services are available to our organic food manufacturing partners, via internal or decentralized formulation.


We have also developed a comprehensive range of nutritional specialties to improve the feed efficiency of organically reared animals. These products all are approved for use in organic farming by the official certification bodies for Organic Agriculture.


Some examples:

  • PROMETHEE AB : Methionine substitute. A genuine innovation and a reference at Idena
  • FORCIX PY AB : Based on plant active ingredients with anti-parasitic properties that limit the development of Eimeria
  • EVOPERF AB : Microbiota management. Very appropriate as a supplement to anticoccidial vaccination
  • EVOCALM AB : In case of behavioral disorder (Pecking)

  • FORCIX SW AB : Digestive comfort for young piglets
  • EVOCALM AB: In case of behavioral disorder
  • PULSAIR AB : Breathing comfort

  • VERTAN AB : Protein valorization with an economic optimization approach
  • VALKALOR AB : Energy valorization with an economic optimization approach
  • FORCIX Feed AB : Digestive comfort for young ruminants
  • URHINAT AB : Urinary comfort of lambs
  • AERORUM AB : Breathing comfort (all ruminants)
  • WORMLESS AB : Digestive comfort for grazing adult ruminants

Idena also offers a comprehensive range of premixes and minerals for various animal species. And we offer products adapted to the environment of each country.