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Poultry products


High performances, natural alternatives, product quality and animal welfare are our main axes of poultry innovations. Depending on the type of collaboration, these specialties can be added directly into premixes to integrate specific feed programs.

FORCIX PY (Poultry), a real alternative for broilers.

The performance of poultry can be affected by digestive disorders linked to the development and multiplication of bacterias (eg Clostridium) or parasites (eg Eimeria).

Different studies have shown the effectiveness of certain essential oils and plant extracts on bacteria and parasites.

More recently, we have been able to demonstrate in a large scientific in vitro study, in partnership with INRA, that the components of Forcix PY are very effective at different stages of the development of Eimeria, without consequences on epithelial cells.

FORCIX PY is a combination of selected essential oils, benefiting from Idena’s ECHV technology, and natural active ingredients that target the intestines and ceca of poultry.

FORCIX PY has been used successfully for over 18 years in the production of “antibiotic-free” chickens. He was therefore able to demonstrate his interest in numerous university trials and in the field, with zootechnical performances comparable to conventional products.

It is a concept developed in a powder form to be introduced into the feed and a liquid form for direct farm applications.


EVOPERF, naturally more efficient poultry

Dysbiosis causes significant economic losses for poultry farms and is often associated  with the use of medication.
IDENA has studied the synergies and antagonisms between different plant metabolites.

EVOPERF is a combination of multiple essential oils and an exclusive nucleus benefiting from Idena’s owned ECHV technology, with a plant-extract base, having a favorable action on the balance of microbiota.

The effectiveness of Evoperf is scientifically proven to improve FCR and DWG indices.


ELOXIR, productivity without stress !

During certain farming periods, animals are subject to hostile influences (pathogens, heat discomfort, transport, vaccinations etc) which cause an immune reaction and cell damage.

ELOXIR is a blend of plant extracts with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

ELOXIR is recommended in the critical starter period,  as an accompaniment to vaccination programs, or  throughout the program (de-medication).

ELOXIR has also shown itself to be of interest in promoting fertility for breeding poultry, particularly in the feeding of the breeding male, which favors the activity of spermatozoa.


EVOLIT, productivity in complete safety

Maximizes stocking densities while respecting animal welfare.

Evolit positively influences the intestinal microbiota of poultry and  reduces waste product humidity.

Our results confirm better litter quality, better control of pododermatitis and better zootechnical results.


PONTIPLUS, for laying hens

An innovative combination of specific minerals and botanical extracts that improve the quality of the shell and outer shell membrane.

Pontiplus acts as soon as egg formation commences.
Used successfully for more than 20 years, it promotes a positive economic balance  with more marketable eggs and fewer decommissioned eggs.

It also helps lengthen the laying period ( up to 8 more weeks of laying).


FORKEY, Digestive comfort & Turkey performance

FORKEY is a blend of essential oils and herbal extracts working in synergy, which participate to the improvement of microbiota balance, in the presence of parasite.

Various scientific studies have shown the action of specific essential oils and plant extracts on parasites.

More recently, an Idena study, carried out in partnership with the Veterinary University of Vienna, has shown the action of essential oils and plant extracts which composed Forkey, on Histomonas Meleagridis in vitro.

Forkey helps to:

  • Limit the technical and economic impact caused by the digestive disorders linked to the presence of parasites.
  • Moderate the sanitary pressure on the farms
  • Homogenize turkey performances
  • Reduce the use of medicines

EVOPTERE, a real fly prevention solution

EVOPTERE consists of a mixture of aromatic substances  that disrupts the life cycle of the fly by preventing metamorphosis of the larvae.

EVOPTERE is incorporated in the complete feed at 0.25% (= 2.5 kg / T) according to a specific program.

EVOPTERE has shown its effectiveness  by significantly reducing the fly population.

EVOPTERE is therefore a natural solution, an alternative to  spray products, easy to use thanks to its incorporation in the chicken feed.


EVOLIVER, the special fat duck

  • Increases weight of fatty liver (foie gras).
  • Improves viability of birds during fattening.
  • Reduces the melting rate.


It is the combined interest of butyrate  and specific essential oils to increase the capacity of the digestive tract of poultry that transforms the feed.
Butinov is very successful in the 0-10 days.