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Promote prolificacy, fertility or hatching for better quantitative, qualitative and economic performances

Prolificacy, fertility and hatching are essential criteria for the profitability of farms in the short and long term.

Prolificacy of sows and performance of piglets

In pigs production, hyper-prolific lines have been widely distributed, favoring the total number of piglets born. At the same time, the number of weaners did not increase in the same proportions. This observation is partly explained by the conditions of intrauterine embryonic development, a slow and delicate process, during which the feeding requirements of the pregnant sow are specific, which leads to very heterogeneous litters at birth.
However, the survival, size, homogeneity and vigor of piglets are determined at this embryo stage. The performance of future pigs is also at stake.

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Optimal hatching for profitability of poultry sectors


The quality of the chick is closely related to the health, immunity and nutritional status of breeders. Improving the number of hatched chicks is the main factor in the competitiveness of hatcheries.

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Fertility of ruminants for good functioning of livestock

In ruminant species, reproduction is the “engine” of the farms. For this reason, the management of the herd, the environment of the animals, and the quality of the feed, strongly influence reproduction levels.

Through its concepts and products, IDENA favors a meticulously thought-out diet, without excess or deficiencies, with calculated standards and ratios, to maximize the reproduction performance of herds.

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