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Animal welfare

Animal welfare… Ethics and the environment

Animal nutrition at the heart of global issues :

Feeding 9 billion people in 2050, preserving natural resources and respecting animal welfare is  a delicate equation to solve.

4 major axes animate the daily life of the Idena experts in this global objective :


Enhancing the value of co-products :

The Idena team is working on the complete cycle of raw materials potentially usable in feed.

Substituting noble products (cereals and seeds)  with co-products of the agro-food industries, allows movement towards sustainability way while preserving the environment. At the same time, this work  helps lower the costs of feed formulas.

The livestock of tomorrow will not be able to continue to  consume agricultural raw materials necessary for human food. IDENA’s expertise in feed formulation helps enhance the value of by-products.


Improving feed conversion

Every FCR point won is one step closer to preserving our environment. This objective is constantly being worked on by IDENA, in connection with the genetic evolutions of farm animals.


Decreasing the environmental impact of farms

In ruminant production, Gasoless and Vertan help reduce enteric methane emissions by 15-20% and significantly decrease urinary nitrogen. The energy and nitrogen saved are transformed into additional performance.


Improving animal welfare by enhancing the comfort of animals :

Evolit, in its intensive poultry model, increases  feed digestibility while improving  litter quality. The impact on animal welfare is direct. We record a very significant decrease (up to 70%) in the number of animals affected by acute pododermatitis.

In pork and ruminant production, the Forcix concepts and the products targeting a more reasonable use of medication help in improving the digestive comfort of animals. Pulsair and Aerorum solutions are new improvement ways for their breathing comfort.

Decreasing early mortalities is another big challenge for our animal productions. In pork production, Folico F helps with improving the quality of the litters at birth. More vigorous and heavier animals at birth, more homogenous litters and less postpartum mortality, means immediately a better quality of piglets at the post-weaning phase.