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Quality of products

Quality of animal products in pigs, poultry and ruminants


One of the essential factors  in the profitability of a pig, poultry, or cattle and sheep meat farm is the quality of animal carcasses; whose measurable parameters are:

  • The weight of the carcass and the weight of the fillet in poultry.
  • Cover fat, abdominal fat and marbling in beef and sheep.
  • The lean / fat ratio in Pig carcass (TMP).
  • The color and texture of tissues.
  • Tenderness and juiciness.

Improving carcass quality improves the profitability of the entire production chain and  makes the industry more competitive: better producer income, slaughterhouse profitability and consumer satisfaction.

A global approach for an optimal result


Our nutritional approach is to formulate a feed closer to the physiological needs of the animal.

IDENA is also working on the effectiveness of nutrients provided by feed, through the use of targeted additives, which push the zootechnical limits:

  • In pigs, VALI MP is Idena’s solution to minimize the physiological orientations of pigs to lay down more fat and less lean after 60kg body weight. VALI MP improves carcass weight and quality without compromising growth.
  • In ruminants, Viandi significantly improves DWG and FCR. It helps improve the color and texture of the meat.
  • In layer production, Pontiplus improves the quality of the egg shell, which tends to degrade at the end of the laying period. Pontiplus keeps decommissioned eggs levels low. It extends the laying period by up to 8 additional weeks.